Verses version 2.2


PProgram displays bible verses on the screen. The program is based on Bible Memorization Program from Bible Literature International (Columbus, OH). The program contains a database of verses in many verses (New International Version, King James Version, New King James Version and Czech Ecumenic Translation). This verses database can be easily modified directly from the program.

You can download a freeware version of the program on our Download page.


When you start the program it will randomly display a bible verse.

Description of verses editing:
At the lower part of the dialog you will find several groups of buttons. The first group of buttons contains buttons for browsing the database. The second group contains two buttons. The first button allows you to enter a new verse to the database and the second button would delete the current verse from the database. Between these buttons and the Exit button you see two numbers. The second numbers means how many verses is stored in the database and the first number is a number of the current verse in the database. All changes to the verses are automatically saved to the database file.

Setting environment:
If you want to change the environment, then modify the Verses.ini file. The file has the following structure. Remarks are lines that begins by [ character. The variable FILE says the program what database file to open. The standard part of the program is just a New International Version of the verses (if you want other versions then register by e-mail). Variables FONT1, FACE1 and SIZE1 defines font for displaying the verse title. Variables FONT2, FACE2 a SIZE2 defines font for displaying the content of the verse.


If the program can't open the data file and you are sure that the file is present, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft data access environment on your computer. This environment called Microsoft DAO must be installed (it already is if you use Microsoft Access). You can download the environment from our download page.

If you can't run the program, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft MFC library. You can download the library from our download page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I have downloaded the program from Internet, but after installing the program I can't start it! It shows an error message. What's wrong?
The program is created so that it is as small as possible. The program uses MFC library but this is not included with the program (because most of the computers already contain this library). If your computer doesn't contain the current version of this library, then the system shows an error message after starting the program. Download the file vcredist.exe from download page and install it.

Support Information:

The new version 2.2 has one improvement. When you edit verses you don't have to hit Save button - all changes are saved automatically (that's why you won't see the Save button on edit dialog any more).