CZConvert version 3.5


PVery fast coversion program for coversion of Czech diacritics among many different code pages (Windows 1250, Latin-2, Kamenicky, ...) and for conversion of end-of-line characters (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, ...). The program supports drag-and-drop and conversion of more than one file at once.

You can download a freeware version of the program on our Download page.


When you start the program, then the dialog appears. Choose the input file (or files - if you want to select more files than use keys [Ctrl] and [Shift] in Browse dialog). The dialog for choosing the input files can be invoked by the button [...]. When you close the dialog the program starts automatic detection for the first selected file (it reads first 10KB of the file). If you don't agree with the automatic detection then you can select the options manually.
Enter the output file name - it is useful when you don't want to overwrite the input file (this option is not available when on the input you have selected more files). Select the output file code-page and end-of-lines options and start the conversion by the button [Start conversion].
Using Input data from the Windows clipboard and Output data into the Windows clipboard you can convert from and to the system clipboard. You run the program from the command line - more information about command line switches are available when you run the program with /? switch.


If you can't run the program, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft MFC library. You can download the library from our download page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I have downloaded the program from Internet, but after installing the program I can't start it! It shows an error message. What's wrong?
The program is created so that it is as small as possible. The program uses MFC library but this is not included with the program (because most of the computers already contain this library). If your computer doesn't contain the current version of this library, then the system shows an error message after starting the program. Download the file vcredist.exe from download page and install it.

Support Information:

New version 3.5 contains a possibility of converions to and from a Koi8-cs code page (this was a very popular code-page in T602 text editor).

Information about previous version 3.0: The program allows you to convert from and to the system clipboard. The program also allows you to start conversion from the command line using program switches.

Information about previous version 2.5: The program should be faster than previous versions. There is no new feature in the program.

Information about previous version 2.2: Program converts even more characters (new are characters used in foreign names). In this new version also the manual full detection should work correctly (corrected error from the previous version).

Information about previous version 2.1: Version has a new conversion algorithm. This new algorithm gives you more than 60% faster conversion (tested on 10 files about 1MB long each with full conversion - end-of-lines and code-page conversion; time for version 2.0: 8:47; time for version 2.1: 3:11). The new version corrects the error from version 2.0 that disabled the feature of storing the converted text into a new file.

Information about previous version 2.0: Version allows multiple file selection. It means that in the file dialog you can select more files (using Shift and Ctrl keys) and program will convert all of them. The program now supports drag-and-drop operations. When you drop files on running application then the files would be entered as input files and the program would automatically detect their format (the files must have the same format).

Information about previous version 1.6: Program allows you to start the program by dragging the input file onto the program's icon. The file will appear as input and output file in the dialog and the auto-detection for the file will start.

Information about previous version 1.5: This version corrects the problem with progress indicator during very long conversions.

Information about previous version 1.4: This version adds new type of conversion - conversion to and from the code-page ISO Latin-2 (now it includes this code-pages: Windows 1250, Kamenických, Latin-2, ISO Latin-2, Macintosh and ASCII).