Anniversary version 2.5


PProgram displays holidays, anniversaries and birthdays for today's day and alerts you about anniversaries and birthdays for the next sever days. The database of anniversaries can be easily modified directly from the program so that it includes information about your friends.

You can download a freeware version of the program on our Download page.


When you start the program it will display the today's date and holidays for today's date in the upper part of the dialog. In the lower part will be displayed holidays, anniversaries and birthdays for today's day, which you have entered to the database file of the program.

Description of database editing:
You can invoke the editing by choosing Edit anniversaries from the system menu. In the lower part of the dialog you will find several groups of buttons. The first group of buttons contains buttons for browsing the database. The second group contains two buttons. The first button allows you to enter a new holiday to the database and the second button would delete the current holiday from the database. Between these buttons and the Exit button you see two numbers. The second numbers means how many holidays is stored in the database and the first number is a number of the current holiday in the database. All changes to the holidays are automatically saved to the database file.

If you want to enter a new holiday, then use the button for creating a new holiday. Let's say we want to enter a birthday of Jack Lewis to the database (let's say his birthday is 7/15/60). Select the type of anniversary to Anniversary, birthday, select 15, 07 and enter the year 1960. If you don't want to display the age of the Jack, then select Don't show age option. Enter the name and click Exit. You should see the dialog for current year and date 7/15 with Jacks birthday displayed on the screen.

Setting environment:
If you want to change the environment, then modify the Anniversary.ini file. The file has the following structure. Remarks are lines that begins by [ character. The variable FILE says the program what database file to open. Variables FONT1, FACE1 and SIZE1 defines font for displaying the date. Variables FONT2, FACE2 a SIZE2 defines font for displaying the birthdays and anniversaries.

You can modify directly the database file. The structure of the file Anniversary.dat is this:
04.07 0000 Independence day => official holidays
21.10 9999 Jacks happy day => Jack's holiday
15.07 1960 Jack Lewis => birthday
15.07 8888 Jack Lewis => birthday - don't show age


If you can't run the program, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft MFC library. You can download the library from our download page.

Support Information:

In new version 2.5 is a new field in the program. The last field on the screen displays birthdays and anniversaries for the following three days.

Information about previous version 2.4: There is corrected an error from previous versions. The error occurred while in 'Edit anniversaries' you entered 10 into day or month field. An anniversary with such a date never appeared in the program. This error is corrected in this version.

Information about previous version 2.3: Program has some improvements. First when you edit anniversaries you don't have to hit Save button - all changes are saved automatically (that's why you won't see the Save button on edit dialog any more). The .DAT file has been updated for American calendar (it does contain American holidays instead of Czech names - our calendar contains a name for every day and person whose name is in the calendar celebrates that day).

Information about previous version 2.2: This version has one new feature. This version enables to add a person for whom you don't want to display the age. You will enter the name and the birthday date (without the year) and you will check control 'Don't show'. This will store value 8888 as the year into the data file. This value tells the program not to show the age of the person.